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a top 10 list to make National cringe

At the end of the first week of campaigning, in which some were saying Key won the leaders debate, but spent the rest of the week defending allegations of lying or justifying his economic policies which have come under attack from more or less every right leaning economic and political commentator.

So at the end of the week looking at a more scientific way of readiing the pulse of the people rather than pseudo scientific poll post leaders debate, here are the top 10 political news articles on Stuff’s web site this friday 17 October. Continue reading


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National is the biggest liar

Today National has been calling on the Govt to come clean over the true cost of the buy back of the Rail and Ferry system off Toll NZ. Initially the cost was to be $600 million +, but today it’s been revelled that under confidential dealings (as per usual in multi million dollar deals) that the Govt is also to take over the liabilities of the company, which vary according to sources from $100 to $200 million extra.

Sure this is a lot more money, and it’s ‘our money’ (I bloody hate that term). This is more than they initially said it would be and of course is hidden money. But the absolute hypocrisy of National whom all weekend long claimed (in sound-bytes on the radio) that the Govt was spending $1 Billion dollars of “your money” with the proviso “when so many families are struggling” – as if that has anything to do with it.

Sorry sunshine (Mr Key), but $600m + another (at the extreme $200m), still doesn’t add up to $1Billion dollars. Either you are incapable of simple addition, or you are just willing flat out to lie to the people for political gain. Either are reprehensible if you are trying to gain the halls of power.

Disingenuous buggers.

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