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National supporting Kiwibank?

At least there’s some support from ex National staffers supporting Kiwibank.

Has anyone noticed the nice irony here? While all decrying the state’s involvement in assets, the majority of right wing posts are against the idea of a government bank (although they exist all over the world), KiwiBlog seems happy to advertise it.

Also, I love the “ZIP” wording, how wonderfully serendipitous, perhaps the trio of Nat boys should have kept Zipped. In case you can’t read the wording to the right of the banner it reads “kiwiBank it’s ours”.

Isn’t life just full of wonderful little moments. (Hope David is making money from them).


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Kiwiblog is just fucking sick.

I’ve often commented on the somewhat heated nature of some of the debates over at Kiwiblog. DPF and defenders of the site got their knickers in a twist when someone dared to call them extremists.

The problem I have with the right, isn’t so much the economic policies, which are often very harmful for those at the bottom of the heap – for some reason the theory that if you cut the dole made them get a job just didn’t play out in reality, go figure? For some reason to borrow to provide tax cuts “give us our money back” isn’t oxymoronic, not to mention fiscally stupid.

What really gets me about the right is their incredible ability to belittle, malign, abuse and completely denigrate those whom they have little or no understanding of. Worse, they engage in campaigns of hate, hiding behind the populist and completely vacuous statements claiming to be ‘anti PC’ and wear it as a badge, further they use this seemingly cool to be unpopular stance to enforce stereotypes, defame and generally persecute people they just flat out don’t like.
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Kiwiblog, land of extremists

A post by David Farrar on kiwiblog about an apparent ‘doctored’ image of a father and son being killed by Israeli bullets, illustrates to me how callous and demented we have become, when we want to be the ones who are ‘right’.

I raised the point, that despite your views of this image and the hole conflict, there are in fact very few winners in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and that the pain, suffering, mutilation, emotional scaring and ultimately death of thousands upon thousands of children in this region is a terrible thing.

But boy oh boy, did that bring out the nastiest aspects of our human psyche. My comment was apparently from a hater of Israel, a conspiracy theorist, part of the vast left wing propagandists machine.
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