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Hold the press Ian Wishart is going to reveal all.

Apparently he’s given the tip to Kiwiblog that he’s got a scoop involving what “will be breaking a massive story, implicating two current cabinet ministers and a former Labour cabinet minister, in an unprecedented political scandal”.

So bye bye Labour, one orgy too many eh, just like the Romans it had to all come tumbling down in the end.

But I can reveal it here first (and screw that insane bastard).

Here it is…

Shut up, shut up, shut up! Sex, sex sex, must get sex into it. Wait,
I see a television commercial-

There’s this nude woman in a bath holding a bit of your string. That’s
great, great, but we need a doctor, got to have a medical opinion.

There’s a nude woman in a bath with a doctor–that’s too sexy. Put an
archbishop there watching them, that’ll take the curse off it. Now, we
need children and animals.

There’s two kids admiring the string, and a dog admiring the archbishop
who’s blessing the string. Uhh…international flavor’s missing…make the
archbishop Greek Orthodox. Why not Archbishop Macarios? No, no, he’s
dead… nevermind, we’ll get his brother, it’ll be cheaper… So, there’s
this nude woman….

If there isn’t a massive dong, copious amounts of lube and alcohol and more than one consenting adult in the same bed I’m going to be mighty pissed off.



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National supporting Kiwibank?

At least there’s some support from ex National staffers supporting Kiwibank.

Has anyone noticed the nice irony here? While all decrying the state’s involvement in assets, the majority of right wing posts are against the idea of a government bank (although they exist all over the world), KiwiBlog seems happy to advertise it.

Also, I love the “ZIP” wording, how wonderfully serendipitous, perhaps the trio of Nat boys should have kept Zipped. In case you can’t read the wording to the right of the banner it reads “kiwiBank it’s ours”.

Isn’t life just full of wonderful little moments. (Hope David is making money from them).

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lies, damned lies, and the right


And here I was thinking that the ODT was the bastion of the old guard, the last of the great conservatives (in the nicest sense of the word, not this silly neo-con rubbish), but then they go and launch a brand new web site and an opinion piece by Associate Editor Simon Cunliffe on the poll, Family First and David Farrar, that would make any lefty proud.

Recently I talked about the new poll commissioned by Family First which showed that about half of us are still in the frame of mind that hitting a child is ok (I’m calm about this because in the fullness of time this will be a stat that will fail to make the margin of error – eventually). However as pointed out many places including this article, that despite the seemingly remarkable headlines “Poll shows we’re still smacking” paraded by Family First, what the poll does in fact show that the number of people abiding by the law rose from 22% to 52% and were not hitting their children. This is remarkable for a law that is seemingly unworkable and a waste of ‘good parents’ time as suggested by the predominately christian political right of NZ.

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The ‘right’ wants to kill thought.

The other night, I was challenged by reid on Kiwiblog to watch an earth/mind shattering video about the origins and outcomes of Political Correctness, which would enlighten me as to the harm it has done. I would also assume that it would shake the very foundations of my political being and awaken me to the foolishness of my ideology.

To quote reid “Many people are fooled by the fact the evil ones wrap up their various messages in the guise of “human rights.”

So from the off, to have belief in Human Rights is to be evil. It’s a hell of a start when you are faced with the prospect of the likes of Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandella being essentially evil people.

But against my better judgement (and in the interest of fairness) I decided to watch the said video. The video it turns out was created by William S Lind, a cultural conservative of The Free Congress Foundation.

[notice the pipe, leather chair, the furnitre, those ears – this is one earnest gentleman, and so obviously knowledgeable. He actually put’s the pipe to his lips at one stage, but I dare not think he actually inhaled.]

The video starts with the scary and resounding hypothesis, “For the first time, Americans today, are not free to say what they think… they may be violating the unholy commandments of the 90’s, commonly know as Political Correctness”. You should see the look of ernest resignation on his face.

But wait this gets better.

“And it seems that a deteriorating society is exactly Political Correctness strives for.”
“But what exactly is Political Correctness? As you are about to see, Political Correctness is nothing less than a Marxist Ideology.”

Lind then proceeds to conduct a pretty sterile and ideologically driven history lesson, drawing the long bow of conclusion which was fundamentally and critically flawed. Suggesting, as the Frankfurt School failed in it’s quest to overthrow Western Political and Cultural society, coupled with their fleeing to the US during the Nazi dictatorship of Germany in WWII, the scholars nestled in American Colleges, thus influencing the liberal minds.

Lind states, “What is Critical Theory? The theory is to criticise. Through unremitting destructive criticism of every institution of western society, they hope to bring that society down. Critical Theory is the basis for gay studies, black studies, women’s studies and various other ’studies’ departments found on American campuses today”.

Apparently it is a evil Marxist plot to have the emancipation of Gays, Blacks and Women. These ‘victim’ groups were nothing more than puppets of Marcuse and the work of the Marxists. As the working classes weren’t active participants (Marxism had failed in this evil plot we are told over and over) in the Marxist revolution, these ‘victim’ groups flew the flag. It was the Politically Correct liberals who were responsible for the sexual revolution. Implying that the emancipation of Women was again an evil Marxist plot.

Essentially, the conclusion of his hypothesis is thus;

If you are Politically Correct you are a puppet of a Marxist plot to overthrow the institutions of civil western society. Which of course suggests, that to think is to be evil, and thus we should not think.

This is pretty hard hitting stuff, however flawed, pejorative and provocative.

Now this is stunningly similar to the dogma that surrounds religious fundamentalism, of which western society was built upon, and not at all surprising that this sort of analysis should come from such a cultural conservative military historian.

What was most depressing, was that those on the right of Kiwiblog during this thread about Dover Sammuels vacuous statements that PC was killing NZ society (William S Lind to a tee), all defended not only the assumptions, but his conclusions.

Reid again “you’ll see” [in reference to the video] “the real goal of PC is to attack the family unit. It’s a long-term cross-generational project. The fact most of its proponents don’t understand the agenda doesn’t make the agenda disappear.”

I then challenged those arguing against Political Correctness to show me an example of what they mean, instead of making sweeping meaningless accusations. To which I would try to illustrate that this in fact wasn’t Political Correctness, but in fact an issue of something altogether.

Reid replied with this article in which authorities in the UK were putting a working party together to explore the virtues and pitfalls of potential compulsory sex education for 5 year olds. It was easy to see that this in fact wasn’t political correctness, but an example of Educational Policy.

Political Correctness is an all encompassing catchphrase of the disaffected and those firmly entrenched in dogma. Where Dover Samuels used the term to criticise the political ideology of the current political and intellectual elite, without actually managing to define what his concerns were.

And that is my problem with the anti-PC brigade. They are unwilling (not so Mr Lind) to hide behind pithy catchphrases, without the ability or willingness to actually say what they are concerned about. Which is a real shame, as the ability to express ones self is at the cornerstone of human existence.

Now I appreciate that Kiwiblog and the political blogosphere in NZ is not the place to come to find academically (or otherwise) stringent political discourse. Indeed the words of some on that blog bounce from practically insane to that of outright violent abuse. But alas this is the NZ political blogosphere, and while I wasn’t expecting the greatest defense of anti PC thought, I was hoping for something that resembled reality.

Those who adhere to this theory of William Lind, poses neither the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say what the really mean, nor the ability to critically appreciate that it is something other than the all encompassing Political Correctness that is bothering them. To say that Political Correctness is responsible for the moral and social degradation of Kiwi society, is a false vacuous statement.

Remember too, that this is from Kiwiblog, one of the most fervent attackers of the Election Finance Act which according to them will kill free speech and thus democracy in New Zealand – which of course it hasn’t. Seemingly free speech is fine as long as it is the free speech of the cultural and political elite of the right.

would it be facetious of me to suggest the William S Lind was infact Hugh Whittaker, ex-drummer of the very left wing band the Housemartians? But then found himself as all young lefties do? (Sorry Hugh).


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Some may have noticed I’ve deleted posts from folk looking for a fight spilling over from Kiwiblog.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to have any part of the stuff that goes on over there and unless those people are here to discuss the stuff I am posting on my site, it will continue to be deleted.

Kiwiblog is a great place for the left to poke fun at the rabid right, and the stuff gets too nasty from time to time.

I have better things to do than to police peoples claims of rape and other profanities at folk from that site.

I will still keep comments open on this site in the interest of openness, but just on topic only.

Cheers Boys and Girls

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