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Are you taking the piss?


With TV3 dedicating 4 live journalists and 15mins, while TVOne more live ‘on the spot’ journos and 18mins to the Backon Flu Hysteria, is there any wonder with the above headline.

Stuff and NZ Herald also hang your head low, your reporting has been shit.

Meanwhile the 2 Scottish (see it’s global now) people with Porker flu have or are recovering, they had it mild. National Radio in it’s 8min round up of the Pandemic (no it’s not yet) reported poor old Debbie from the North Island somewhere isn’t going to her friends wedding in a part of Mexico 2000km away from the outbreak, poor Debbie, you’ll be pleased to hear she’s still off to the US for a holiday.

FFS Media stop taking the piss and scaring the people, you are collectively an embarrassment.

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