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When is a conference not a conference?

Well it seems, when National is organising it.

Cancel a primary health conference as it’s not the ‘right economic climate’, but spend an afternoon at Ratana and all of a sudden there is money to run a Maori Jobs Summit. I wonder how self sufficient in terms of funding this summit will be?

I have no problem with a Maori Jobs Summit, but I also have plenty of time for a primary health conference.

Seems that National can’t even stick to it’s ideological dogma, these buggers are all over the place.


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You know it’s been a good week when…

You become victim of your own policies.

Following a funny post over at the Land of Extremists (know to you and me as Kiwiblog) re Keys insane decision to legislate (but not actually set time frames or tell them what to do) to invest 40% of the $14b Kiwisaver fund in NZ. Continue reading


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John Key is a habitual liar – (chewing Key’s Facts)

{Update, The Standard is doing an excellent fact check on Key’s lies}

Leaders debate TV 1 this evening.

New Zealand was not one of the ‘last cabs off the rank’ with respect to government guarantees of banks. America is still thinking about this. Lie.

Helen Clark’s environmental record is not worse than George Bush’s. LIE!!! Continue reading


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You lying bastard

I’ve gotta give a big hat tip to The Standard for this TVOne news coverage of the lying bastard’s squirming.

Look I don’t even like the guy, but I was hiding behind my hands at the stupidity. It was worse than watching a train crash, or whatever the saying is, it was just downright painful. Continue reading

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NO! I did not tell the truth

And the difference between Winnie’s $100k and Key’s 100K Shares?

Both needed to be declared to Parliament, both weren’t. One’s been censured the other thinks he will be Prime Minister?

What a complete tosser! Is “I didn’t manage my response properly” the new way of saying I lied?

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Surprise Surprise, we don’t trust National

Well of course that should be “We Can’t Trust National”

I mean it was only two weeks ago that senior (well 2 I.C. not much more senior than that) MPs from National were all caught out telling us stuff they shouldn’t have been, comes the poll that shows that 45.7% of the public think National has a hidden agenda. Colour me surprised.

So Lockwood Smith, Nick Smith, Bill English and now Maurice Williamson have all said stuff that dear leader, oh glorious smug saviour of the middle classes has now refuted or rebuked. So who the hell is in charge at National. I guess it shows strong leadership. It also shows that he doesn’t like the ‘secret’ message getting out. You know the unpalatable stuff that National will sell this and that, borrow like the 1980s and now more or less take all of your promised tax cut in road tolls.

What a great cock-up of a party. It shows how deep the will for change from voters is though, if after all of these revelations, and sod all policy that is longer than 1A4 pdf, they are holding their party vote relatively firm, if not easing slightly. But what they hell are you getting if you vote them in?

Borrowing overseas funds to pay for tax cuts (whops that’s right infrastructure – or tax cuts).
Yes no maybe selling of popular state assets
Who knows what with policy in key areas. After almost a decade in opposition they are still developing it.
Policy released one day and refuted the next.

I mean how can a very senior MP, spokesperson for transport (a pretty bloody key portfolio) get, and quote, “got a bit exuberant about the numbers”. Either he’s the bugger defining the policy (who knows it could be the bloody EB’s for all we know with that shady lot), how can he be “exuberant”.

This issue got plenty of play in the media today, and rightly so. No doubt there will be the right wing wackos harping on about liberal socialist media beat up. But come on, a senior MP, quite possibly (well hopefully) developing crucial policy, announces preliminary directions only to be poo pooed by the brass within hours of the news breaking.

Who the hell is in charge, and at nearly half of the country not trusting you now, how high will that figure go, and when will it really hurt in the polls?

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Which face of National

So which of the two faced bastards are you to believe?

Maurice Williamson, the spokesperson on transport on the weekend suggested that some kiwis (well Aucklanders) would be facing up to $50 a week toll costs in new roaring projects in the region.

Then even before the ink had dried on the headlines, or before the story had time to be caches in the ether, the man charged with presenting National as a paletable alternative to the public, poo poos the idea.

So who’s to believe? The guy charged with developing policy for National in that area, or the head spin doctor. Which face of this monster is more paletable to the masses.

I believe Williamson must have said something based on truth, where else would he come up with these figures so authoratively?

Is this why National continues to withhold policy from the people – it’s unpalletable.

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