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Election handouts just took a terrifying turn
Wednesday October 15 2008 – 03:54pm | 5 comments
National’s announcement it will change the law to direct the Super Fund to invest at least 40% of its assets in New Zealand is positively blood-curdling.

Pretty harsh words, but then us on the left have always been critical of the policy of National, that’s no surprise. The startling thing is, this is from the Front Page of the National Business Review. (http://www.nbr.co.nz/)

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Show me the data

You show me the empirical data that shows that the death penalty or imprisonment without the chance of parole makes the streets safer and/or prevents crime and I’ll consider it.

Otherwise it’s just vindictive justice based on retribution rather than public safety.


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National is taking you for a fool

Policy Policy Policy,

to misquote a very annoying VP at Microsoft whom infamously danced, screamed and sweated across the stage at a developers conference uttering “Developers, developers, developers….”

So with an election on the horizon, literally months away, and the public are expected to be able to understand what the parties stand for (some change their spots overnight – National and Student Loans), it’s not too much for the public to know what the leading party is planning for the country.
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