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Surprise Surprise, we don’t trust National

Well of course that should be “We Can’t Trust National”

I mean it was only two weeks ago that senior (well 2 I.C. not much more senior than that) MPs from National were all caught out telling us stuff they shouldn’t have been, comes the poll that shows that 45.7% of the public think National has a hidden agenda. Colour me surprised.

So Lockwood Smith, Nick Smith, Bill English and now Maurice Williamson have all said stuff that dear leader, oh glorious smug saviour of the middle classes has now refuted or rebuked. So who the hell is in charge at National. I guess it shows strong leadership. It also shows that he doesn’t like the ‘secret’ message getting out. You know the unpalatable stuff that National will sell this and that, borrow like the 1980s and now more or less take all of your promised tax cut in road tolls.

What a great cock-up of a party. It shows how deep the will for change from voters is though, if after all of these revelations, and sod all policy that is longer than 1A4 pdf, they are holding their party vote relatively firm, if not easing slightly. But what they hell are you getting if you vote them in?

Borrowing overseas funds to pay for tax cuts (whops that’s right infrastructure – or tax cuts).
Yes no maybe selling of popular state assets
Who knows what with policy in key areas. After almost a decade in opposition they are still developing it.
Policy released one day and refuted the next.

I mean how can a very senior MP, spokesperson for transport (a pretty bloody key portfolio) get, and quote, “got a bit exuberant about the numbers”. Either he’s the bugger defining the policy (who knows it could be the bloody EB’s for all we know with that shady lot), how can he be “exuberant”.

This issue got plenty of play in the media today, and rightly so. No doubt there will be the right wing wackos harping on about liberal socialist media beat up. But come on, a senior MP, quite possibly (well hopefully) developing crucial policy, announces preliminary directions only to be poo pooed by the brass within hours of the news breaking.

Who the hell is in charge, and at nearly half of the country not trusting you now, how high will that figure go, and when will it really hurt in the polls?


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Disingenuous Two Faced Bastard

There comes a time in you life, where there just isn’t any point suffering fools anymore, life’s too bloody short for that rubbish. Of course one must always be respectful of others and not seek out people to make one grumpy. But if it comes looking, there is no way I’m gonna bend over an take it like English had to from Key the other day – suits you sir.

Bill English {despite the lies he put to the public with Key’s fist firmly inserted … at that pathetic grovel press conference} has been caught for the very thing that he accused Mike Williams (Labour Party President) of doing. And in his comments about Mr Williams, he stated that he must resign for deceiving the public.

Well if that is the case Mr English you too must resign now.

Hat tip to The Standard for this gem. Keep up the good work guys, the tide is turning.


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Herald’s love affair with National #1-08

So apart from actively seeking to rid labour from office with it’s pathetic over dramatic end-of-the-free-world editorials over the election finance bill’s introduction, their love affair and willingness to print any drivel about National seemingly knows no bounds.

Today if you are silly enough to read this increasingly painful newspaper, you will be delighted to read a lovely little story by Claire Trevett, which is nothing more than a party political broadcast on behalf the National Party, on how some of them went mountain biking and and John Key for a run.
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John Key Bullshit #1-08

This morning on National Radio (30 Jan) John Key was pontificating about the glorious new policy on Youth Crime. He made some claim about the achievements of the youth boot camp run out of Waiouru. The presenter Geoff tried to correct him on a point, stating that they had the head of that program on earlier and the facts were that the boot camp numbers were declining due to the strong job market.

and this is classic, to that John Key’s reply was “I don’t accept that”.

What don’t you accept Mr Key, that the man running the boot camp was seeing numbers decline. Well that is a real shame that you don’t accept facts from the front line. One can only question the validity of the rest of their claims with regard to this policy, considering that Key doesn’t take into account the advice of those running the things.

I would have thought that a party that wants less govt involved in peoples lives, creating a strong job market in which private enterprise provides the means for keeping youth on the straight and narrow would have been the obvious choice, apparently not.

As for this crime wave that is sweeping the nation, by which he is implying is a youth problem, so far this year the murders committed haven’t all been perpetrated by youth, and a large number have been in fact once again domestic violence, with the majority of fatalities being women.

Further Key claimed that the family of the shop keeper killed in the weekend had their lives destroyed/devastated by the youth who had committed the crime. Once again by implication this crime wave and murders is a youth problem. Wrong Mr Key.

Once again do we mention the family of the young 15 year old boy who was killed by a 50 year old businessman for tagging. I wonder what turmoil that young man’s family is going through.

Mr Key is once again applying the over simplistic brush (not to mention false logic) of crime committed by youth = all crime is youth crime. Why because it’s easier to sell to the angry general public, and makes for better sound byte politics and youth becomes the political football de jour.

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