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TV3 grow a brain

North Shore Mayor Williams is not the one who has imposed a 6c a litre petrol tax on the rest of us to pay for Auckland’s internationally embarrassing transport system.

As Mr Williams said on The Panel (against the astoundingly ill informed Michelle Boad – now there’s a surprise), that 4 years ago Auckland was given the mandate to come up with a solution to the embarrassment that is Auckland’s transport system. After cross party and cross council talks and negotiations, translated 4 years of hard work, Auckland did come up with a solution, only for the National Party ideologues to come in and scrap the plan.

A couple of things straight off the bat.

I thought National was the party that wanted less government in people’s lives – well except this case where they know better.
I thought National was the party that was going to lower taxes – well except for this case.

Auckland found it’s solution to it’s problems and the new government has come in with a juvenile stiffy and big balls and told Auckland that they know better – piss off.

Jesus good luck Auckland sorting this mess out, cap in hand to Central Government, least of all trying to deal with the increasingly insane John Banks. FFS what a complete cock-up. I’m now gonna pay for another fucking road in Auckland – what genius came up with that plan.

And TV3, he wasn’t the one that imposed the tax on the rest of us, so please don’t take the piss with such poor journalism.


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Key’s wall is giving bad face#8


The bludgers contribute nothing to NZ society

Thank you Jacob for denigrating 70,000 odd people. They will be most saddened that they don’t contribute to society. You are of course full of shit and a total and utter wanker for thinking that you are somehow greater than thou.

Why are those of the right so hateful of the poor and down trodden. Surely if the wage gap between NZ and OZ is such a big issue, why isn’t there more concern for the managers and CEOs whom have abstained from infrastructure and R&D to the point that productivity is one of the major contributing factors for low wages in NZ. Oh no, it’s the bloody poor that is the bunt of their fears and hate.

These people are really starting to piss me off (not hate, more pity).

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