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Mr Smith you naughty bugger

So not only did he turn up to a Select committee meeting and essentially gag the Chief Executive of a Government Department, he has been found to have lied to Parliament and hence the people, well allegedly.

Full story here on Stuff

What a complete pillack, so typical of the big balls “I can do anything’ attitude pervading this current government.

This along with Brownlee failing to know the correct procedures in Parliament, one does wonder what the fuck these wankers were doing for those 9 years in opposition – for it certainly wasn’t taking notes and learning anything.


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a top 10 list to make National cringe

At the end of the first week of campaigning, in which some were saying Key won the leaders debate, but spent the rest of the week defending allegations of lying or justifying his economic policies which have come under attack from more or less every right leaning economic and political commentator.

So at the end of the week looking at a more scientific way of readiing the pulse of the people rather than pseudo scientific poll post leaders debate, here are the top 10 political news articles on Stuff’s web site this friday 17 October. Continue reading


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Under National kiss goodbye…

Actually I’ve started a page all on it’s own for this, see above.

This list will increase as people contribute to it and more policy is announced.

Apart from;

  • Research & Development scheme – pissed off many many business already,
  • Half Kiwisaver entitlement,
  • the latest is;

  • “Greens lash Nats’ decision to axe insulation fund”
  • “Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons has lashed National’s decision to axe a 15-year $1 billion household insulation scheme set up as part of emissions trading legislation.” The Herald

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    National is taking the piss


    The first time in the history of elections in NZ, we managed to get proportionality into our government, and National thinks it’s time to give people the choice.

    If people are sick of Politicians, it’s not the system of electing them which is at fault, it’s the calibre of politician which is at fault. And before any rabid righty goes all “yeah look at Sue Bradford etc”, I think you’ll find it’s the establishment whom have been the greatest cause for the public’s concern – Don Brash and Winston Peters come to mind.

    MMP has delivered a truly PROPORTIONAL (of the population) parliament. We only need too look at the National line up to see the old grey suit brigade. How many transgender, homosexual, FEMALE, working class people are represented within National – ZILCH, NONE, NADA, not one iota represents anything but a small proportion of the population.

    But Key’s clincher (what a bloody joke he is), “It’s important to give people the choice”

    You know sometimes, it’s important not to give people the choice, where it’s going to do more harm than good.

    1. Guns
    2. Drugs
    3. Drink Driving

    Lets all let our 13 year old bonk. Lets marry our cousins. Society doesn’t give us the choice in everything, and this is just bloody stupid.

    At least it’s showing us that parliament is no longer controlled by white middle class males and National know the only way to guarantee an election victory is by supporting a policy that will allow the over proportionality of white middle class males

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    National Hates People – again.

    [Or; The Kids Are Alright]

    I have little time for the economic policies of the National Party.

    Could someone please explain the fiscal responsibility of borrowing to give tax cuts, which will cause inflationary pressures on interest rates and thus any money they are borrowing to give to you, will be taken by some multinational bank through higher interest rates – yeah that’s intelligent vote buying.

    But aside from that, the main reason I really dislike the National Party is their gay abandon at belittling people they don’t like. They go out of their way to stick their noses into what basically isn’t any of their bloody business.

    Case in point, national hoodie day. This was a day designed for the youth of NZ, to challenge the stereotypes associated with being young in NZ. And what the hell did national do, did they congratulate the people for taking initiative and turning aspects of NZ youth culture into a positive thing. Don’t be so bloody stupid sunshine, they did the bloody opposite, and who should it come from, none other than the National spokesperson on education – typical.

    So right off the bat, we have their education spokesperson having a go a the youth of NZ, this is going to be a bloody long 3 years, not yet in power and they don’t give a stuff about the youth of NZ.

    Continue reading

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    We are happy with our hospitals

    This from the Herald

    Patient satisfaction in New Zealand’s public hospitals has reached near record levels, but emergency department waiting times have room to improve, a Government report shows.

    The Ministry of Health’s latest Hospital Benchmark Information quarterly report shows overall patient satisfaction levels were the second highest since reports began in 2000 , with a level of 88.5 per cent for the October to December, 2007, quarter.

    The results show an improvement from the previous quarter, when overall patient satisfaction sat at 87.7 per cent.


    Jezz isn’t it a pain when the truth gets in the way of NZ bashing as National is engaged in.

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    When one’s ego is just too big to see the picture

    A very typical ploy of the oh-so affected middle class intelligentsia these days is to decry the death of freedoms, muddled up with imagery of cottonwool nanny states resembling a kinder Plunketesque NAZI state.

    The latest of these concerned individuals to step up to the plate to have a moan about the overpowering state is the sometime ex-broadcaster Bill Ralston. His grumble is that the Government is looking into the foods that we are giving our kids, and the effects it has on them, namely obesity. Included among some of the areas being investigated for the new Public Health Bill, the government may have the power to control where and how supermarkets display unhealthy food.

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