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there’s a policy brewing in there somewhere.

The only problem is where and when.

Typical of their high poll rolling days, National is yet to announce the majority of the policies that will take them into the election. Which of course is a funny thing for the voter who wants to know what Key and the National party are all about.

We know they aren’t the Brash style of National, however what is the Key style except for branching out into the internet ether and sending out the most confused and mixed messages.

Today for example, National (in typical fashion and for the sake of being heard) announced that they “will make a significant increase in funding for agricultural research and development, but it does not support the model announced by Labour today.”

Labour announced today a $700 million boost for R & D funding, which would rise to $1 Billion over the next 10+years. This it seems on the face of it is a good thing, I only wish the private enterprise would do the same, then perhaps some of our best and brightest wouldn’t shoot off to OZ (or wherever).

But in haste to be heard saying something on the topic, National have shown once again that they aren’t prepared to show sod all policy until right up to the election. I guess they are wishing that Key’s smile will get them to the policy releases and then momentum will win them the election?

National will “be rolling out a comprehensive research and development policy closer to the election”. So that’s it you have nothing, yet again. Bit hard to see what I am meant to be voting for, if all I’ve got is the “I don’t like Labour any more” attitude.

Show us your policy. How long have you been in opposition now? Well all of the 2000s that is, and you don’t have a policy on R&D funding. That’s one hell of a long time to be in opposition and not have a policy on something that is pretty close to the heart of increasing productivity in NZ. It’s one hell of a long time to be able to go up and down the length and breadth of the country and talk policy and find models of funding that would constitute a solid policy for growth.

No, instead it’s easier to bag the govt and the apparent loss to the country of our brightest and best to Australia.

Come on National, free speech and democracy is alive and well in this country, show us your policy?

{side gripe. One rather large policy announcement by the govt today and seemingly not a mention on the front page of the Herald’s web site. It seems Catherine Zeta Jones’ sexy image rates higher than R&D in NZ – but you all know my continuing moans about the Herald – paper of record don’t you know. Imagine being overseas and quickly looking in on a web cafe at the Herald’s site to see this announcement and think, if this is good, I might just come home again soon}. Just a side gripe.


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Free speech is dying… argh – dramatic stagger… argh.

Well the fight to keep free speech is dying according to Psycho Milt.

There was a rally in Auckland today in which a couple of hundred concerned citizens turned up to er -um exercise their free speech. From what I can tell there weren’t any storm troopers in vans whisking people off to unknown places for exercising their freedom of speech.

I find it a little hard to believe that this bill (Electoral Finance Bill) which was meant to be the end of ‘free speech’ and thus the very fabric of our democracy could only muster a protest of a couple of hundred dear souls (good on them for protesting). A city of well over 1million people (finger in side of mouth mwahh ha ha) can only muster a couple of hundred. This was meant to be the end of NZ, how come there weren’t tens of thousands on the street, why wasn’t the whole bloody country out on the street.

Oh that’s right because just like the so called ‘anti-smacking’ bill, the hysteria surrounding the misconceptions of the bill have been just that, misconceptions. The sky hasn’t fallen, the world hasn’t ended. The political blogosphere is as active now as it was before the bill came in, and people are still allowed to say what they want to say.

We are a very reactionary lot aren’t we. I have no idea why people were so bloody stupid as to believe that NZ was going to end, mind you there were some people that built bunkers and stockpiled food for the millennium (another day in the life of humanity).

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Vote for whoever you want, just be informed…

A non party response to dontvotelabour.org.nz.

As left as I am, I will never tell anyone how they can vote, this is not mine nore anyone’s right. I would encourage anyone and everyone to get out and vote, this is our democratic right, and despite what nostalgists like Garth George think, MMP is a good system, your vote does count.

However (and here’s the irony and beauty of our democracy) there are some out there, despite their protestations to the contrary, have the freedom of speech and gall to tell you who to vote for, or worse who not to vote for. You will probably have heard the cries of martyrdom from the folks at www.dontvotelabour.org.nz. It seems their quest for martyrdom was only temporary and they are up and running their democratic (if not arrogant) right to tell you why you shouldn’t vote for Labour.

[Remember folks, I am in no way shape or form connected with the Labour Party (or any party) and haven’t voted for them for years, so this ain’t no ‘protect Helen and Labour’ post].

Despite their funky graphics, their claims are largely false and can be argued against in any manner, so here goes.


Actually no they haven’t invaded your home, well no less than they have passed laws from you accessing Kiddie Porn (pedophiles would say that’s an invasion), or they passed a law stopping you from shooting up most nights at home (addicts would say that’s an invasion), or they have a body which censors the very TV, magazines, books and video games you consume every day at home (what is the line in the sand for censorship, someone’s love of violence is another persons repulsion).

Who cares if 83% think that a smacking ban is wrong. 77% of Kiwis thought that being Homosexual should still be illegal, despite the Govt passing the Homosexual Law Reform Bill. Over time society was proven wrong, and even The Herald (Labours highest profiled and most public critic) had an editorial to the effect of “it’s here now get over it”. Not sure how many flying squads are screaming around the streets of NZ tonight, ready to bash down your door “invasion” style to stop you smacking, none I would imagine.


Are they taking the piss, or are they just bloody stupid, or a combination of all of the above? What is this if it isn’t freedom of speech? Last time I looked I was still able to talk about politics to whomever and whenever I wanted, as if that’s a fun topic to bring up at a BBQ. Seemingly the only people apparently gagged over this misconception are the scared middle class intelligentsia, whom think that the ability to type and connect to the internet gives them greater rights than the rest of us.

Also these folk are the ones inhibiting free speech. They were shut down when it wasn’t a blog, and now they are a blog, they don’t know how to turn on comments (apparently), so you have to email through comments. From what I can see, they don’t seem to have any negative comments posted, only the good ones. If they were a blog, they would have comments turned on and freedom of speech would prevail. This site is a very thinly veiled misinformation campaign, full of contradictions.


Apart from some legal issues, and the massive issue of the right of Maori to take their grievance to a third party, this is actually a good thing, and one which if we are to peruse true republican independence (which I guess these folks would like – I can’t see them being monarchists, but I could be wrong), then the establishment of our own Supreme Court is a necessary step to be taken. Unless you believe in the American system of politically appointed justices, or the seemingly conspiracists approach they are taking, the courts in this country are politically neutral (what was their ruling on the Foreshore and Seabed if not a telling off for the govt), and thus the politicians have not given themselves more power.


Well, this goes in the Who Bloody Cares category. Ask any fireman, pet owner or person whose house and property has been damaged by fireworks and they will tell you this is a good thing. It’s hardly the end of the world and it’s not really going to bring down the govt. My National voting firefighting relative will agree that they should be banned. There is nothing more annoying than for weeks after Guy Fawkes (another old country relic) waiting for the bloody fireworks to stop so the kids can get some sleep without being terrified. But that’s a personal opinion.

This site is full of inaccuracies and merely personal gripes. It’s wish for martyrdom and infamy rely on their false claims being true, which of course they aren’t. This is just like all of the other gripe sites out there. There’s a guy out there who’s life seems to be taken up with the legal pursuit of the govt over this and that, there are people wanting to hit their children (extend that right to all humans and see how far society gets), there are even folk out there wanting to show you pics of very young naked children. Just because they have a web site doesn’t make them right (or necessarily wrong), and it certainly isn’t the road to the moral high ground.

One last partying shot, I couldn’t resit tweeking their little banner across the bottom as well, just in the interest of balance (remember I don’t vote for Helen), and some facts (which this site is lacking), but still.


So my challenge to you is to get out and vote, but for pity’s sake make an informed vote. Don’t let the scare mongers on talk radio frighten you into voting for the most vindictive and retributionist Politician, or the ones that are going to lead to economic nirvana at the expense of the social cohesion of the country.

Because despite what the buggers say, this is a great place to live.


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another day another poll…

I’ve been moaning about these when Labour had 10pt leads over National and I’ll keep repeating them when National has a 10pt lead over Labour, what in the world is conceivably even slightly interesting or useful with yet another poll out today.

Why do we have so many polls, except to keep;

a) people employed at the thousands (seemingly) of poll companies
b) the media something to beat on about
c) something for both parties to either enjoy or moan about.

Polls 36, 24, 12 or even 6 months out let alone 3,4,5+ a month are meaningless and in my opinion serve only those in the polling companies and media. I have no doubt that they influence the public, once on a roll, it is easy to presidential and in command, while those on the receiving end are the subject to media speculation.

Just look at the media frenzy around the ‘we won’t mention it’ leadership murmurings that, lets face it, are only coming from the media. There is no body in Labour suggesting a leadership change, there is no Labour supporter swell to change the leader, the only ones ‘not talking’ about it are the media.

Boy do I have a thing about the media in this country, and it’s getting unhealthy. Why the hell should I bother with them, except I have seen how good (and bad) it can be overseas and I am sick and tired of putting up with the slop they try to palm off on us as Journalism.

By far and away the quality journalists these days are in camp with the plethora of quality magazines we have in this country. Idealog is without par in this country for it’s mix of beautifully designed presentation with in depth journalism. North and South has always been at the forefront of journalism (for good and bad reasons), yet their recent redesign has given the mag something extra, which is bringing it right up in my estimations. Metro has always been unashamedly an Auckland mag, and for that reason apart from a fleeting glimpse, who really cares what goes on up there in the land of the ever expanding motor-way. I’m getting off track here, and will be posting soon on this topic soon, but it shows a clear difference between the two branches of the journalistic profession.

As for tomorrow, I have no doubt there will be another poll from someone or something, failing that the huge number of political journalists will find something to say, even if there isn’t something to be said.

Update, of course I forgot about the TV3 poll that also came out today, silly me.

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