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Mr Smith you naughty bugger

So not only did he turn up to a Select committee meeting and essentially gag the Chief Executive of a Government Department, he has been found to have lied to Parliament and hence the people, well allegedly.

Full story here on Stuff

What a complete pillack, so typical of the big balls “I can do anything’ attitude pervading this current government.

This along with Brownlee failing to know the correct procedures in Parliament, one does wonder what the fuck these wankers were doing for those 9 years in opposition – for it certainly wasn’t taking notes and learning anything.

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Anyone keep count

Remember this is the party that was going to give you money in your back pocket, the party of tax cuts.


Workers to pay large increase in ACC levies from next year
6:14PM Tuesday Dec 16, 2008

The average worker will have to pay a 21 per cent increase in their ACC bill next year, rising from $658 a year to $799, ACC Minister Nick Smith said today.

So they’ve promised sod all in tax cuts with one hand and with the other hand, middle finger firmly raised they’ve already started taking.

Nice, remember you voted these wankers in – nice one, felling smug now are we, BTW how much is left in your back pocket?

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