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TVNZ Goodbye

“Is that a moustache on his head”?

Today is the day that I finally part ways with TVNZ, and more specifically Breakfast. Paul Henry apart from being the most arrogant self opinionated cunt on television in the world (makes the FOX tv guys look like liberals), today they stooped so low to have that zelot Wishart on with his bullshit book ‘Air Con’.

They wouldn’t have a Holocaust denier on the show but they have this fuck with and his climate change denial line. Ian Wishart is a national disgrace.

Bye Bye TVNZ, can’t even say it’s been nice. P Henry fuck off this planet please, the world needs a little respect not your cunty arrogant vile shite day after day. Why the fuck didn’t Josh Cronfeld reach through the lens of the camera and twat you one, the world wanted it.


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What is the point of Paul Henry?

I seriously don’t know what the point for the existence of Paul Henry of breakfast television?

His vile right wing libertarian bullshit stands him alongside some of the most bigoted waste of spaces they have on the Fox network. The only person in the world who thinks he’s either clever or funny is Paul Henry.

The sooner TVNZ gets his vile smug arrogant bigoted mug off the box the better. He’s a blight on NZ television and does nobody any good.


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