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Politicians vs Media?

Since both groups think that neither are beyond criticism, and that both are just doing their job, it’s been very funny/boring watching from the sidelines the two groups playing the school yard name calling game.

The latest saga has seen Winston Peters return from overseas, all guns blazing in the typical shoot-from-the-hip before he see’s-the-whites-of-their-eyes manner. I mean it wouldn’t be a good stouch between the MPs and Media if Winston felt he was being left out. There are very few MPs who have the ability to reign in their ego, and we’ll Winnie just wears his ego on the outside all the time.

However the all too precious (you know the ‘Who Me?’ lot) Media have their back up and feel they are on a roll. So it’s with no surprise that those who are never short of a word (even when there’s nothing to be said) have been in a veritable frenzy this week.

The latest to take her gloves off this morning was Fran O’Sullivan, for the latest round against Winston. The media have been full of the did-he or didn’t-he with regard to Labours filthy rich benefactor, Owen glen, and the possibility that he may have given money to NZ First too.

Fran did have this curious point early on;

‘Let’s concede here that Peters is right on one point: journalists have not uncovered any evidence that Glenn contributed to his party.

But we’d hardly be doing our jobs if we didn’t ask pertinent questions…’

So you have no evidence and despite denials all the way to the top of the party, you still have nothing, but in good old journalists talk that still equates to something? She then continues with ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ that she dug up, blah blah blah. Still no actual proof that Owen Glenn gave them the money. It could have been Atilla the Hun, for all of the evidence they have on that.

What really irks me over this whole affair, is that Labour and NZ First are not allowed to have ‘rich pricks’ making generous gifts (or not), yet it’s been know for a long time that the biggest winner in the big pockets and big donations has always been National. The left must disclose it’s money source, yet (apart from the radical religious lot) National’s donors have been able to sit back and have a laugh over this.

A very boring side show, with bugger all meat on it and even less public interest, yet once again the Media has managed to have a dig a the left(?), and while National has done nothing, managed to have a right old laugh as Labour is further painted with the brush of murk.


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Politicians are not Posh

The singularly most disappointingly thing about  being in Vancouver and finally getting internet connection to listen to National Radio, is the position in society that we have bestowed upon our politicians.
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