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Once again, Garth George please shut the F up

Funny that the bitter and twisted old christian wanker is happy that the NZ govt isn’t taking sides or talking too much about Israel, after all “its on the other side of the world”.

333 children dead and counting, I wonder what (if any) is Mr George’s tipping point for dead children?

I really really really hate the fact that The Herald still publishes this old fuckers thoughts, there hasn’t been one moderate or compassionate word from him for years, and how does that help the world?



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The media’s got a stiffie about itself…

I have never been a fan of those inane polls that they carry on news web sites, aside from all of the issues like the stupidity of the questions and even greater insanity of the answers they let you choose from. Today however, it took a strange twist.

From the story about National’s policy on ‘Life meaning Life’, Stuff ran a story about itself – or the comments that people left on it’s website, which in turn led to a front page poll, which created more copy for itself.


There are several issues here, apart from the gross nature of some of the comments; Continue reading

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