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National is taking the piss


The first time in the history of elections in NZ, we managed to get proportionality into our government, and National thinks it’s time to give people the choice.

If people are sick of Politicians, it’s not the system of electing them which is at fault, it’s the calibre of politician which is at fault. And before any rabid righty goes all “yeah look at Sue Bradford etc”, I think you’ll find it’s the establishment whom have been the greatest cause for the public’s concern – Don Brash and Winston Peters come to mind.

MMP has delivered a truly PROPORTIONAL (of the population) parliament. We only need too look at the National line up to see the old grey suit brigade. How many transgender, homosexual, FEMALE, working class people are represented within National – ZILCH, NONE, NADA, not one iota represents anything but a small proportion of the population.

But Key’s clincher (what a bloody joke he is), “It’s important to give people the choice”

You know sometimes, it’s important not to give people the choice, where it’s going to do more harm than good.

1. Guns
2. Drugs
3. Drink Driving

Lets all let our 13 year old bonk. Lets marry our cousins. Society doesn’t give us the choice in everything, and this is just bloody stupid.

At least it’s showing us that parliament is no longer controlled by white middle class males and National know the only way to guarantee an election victory is by supporting a policy that will allow the over proportionality of white middle class males


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