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a top 10 list to make National cringe

At the end of the first week of campaigning, in which some were saying Key won the leaders debate, but spent the rest of the week defending allegations of lying or justifying his economic policies which have come under attack from more or less every right leaning economic and political commentator.

So at the end of the week looking at a more scientific way of readiing the pulse of the people rather than pseudo scientific poll post leaders debate, here are the top 10 political news articles on Stuff’s web site this friday 17 October. Continue reading


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Did he really say that.

Quick game.

Who said the following about Barack Obama on the radio today. Here’s a clue, it wasn’t ultra conservative right wing fuck heads out of America.

“I don’t consider him a Black Man”

This was supposedly made in the context of talking about the psychology of who you vote for. You see this radio station spends as much time talking about the US election and beating down Obama, you’d think we were in the US and that it really mattered to us. Apparently there’s a race and gender issue with regard to who people vote for in America (of course there is, the KKK still exists), so this presenter was trying to talk about correlations with that here in NZ?

Anyway this presenter is described as the following;

“Urbane and smooth, Leighton Smith delivers the most intelligent talkback radio around. His ease with developing in-depth, meaningful conversation brings an extra dimension to this predominantly talkback programme. Leighton’s love of wine, food and music are also featured in this programme.”

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