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How to turn a good day bad

Simply listen to NewsTalk ZB at any stage during the course of the day when talk back is on.

If anyone wanted confirmation that Kiwis are a whinging, moaning, negative bunch of busy bodies – quite simply grumpy buggers who hate others doing well or getting ahead, listen to the likes of Leighton Smith, Danny Watson et all. It will take your breath away, turn a good day bad and make you bloody ashamed to be a Kiwi.

How to be a good NewsTalk ZB host 101; (pick on any of the following at will)

    Bag anyone with green aspirations, have a go at global warming (well simply deny it)
    Bag anyone from the left, bloody socialists or communists
    Bag anyone that uses anything slightly respectful of someone else, prime target are those bloody PC folk. They love stating they are Anti-PC, whatever that means?
    All civil servants are leeches
    The economy is stuffed
    Our kids are soft
    We have no international standing
    Where is the bloody military?
    Where is military training
    The Japs/Commies are still coming
    Bloody sports people are soft
    Dole bludgers (don’t need a reason they’re all lay about assholes)
    DPB mums (don’t forget the lowest of the low DPB dads – PC wankers), there ought to be a law…
    Anyone with a degree
    Lecturers – pinko commies
    The Tax department (remember tax is theft)
    Not enough police
    Too many criminals
    Too soft on criminals
    Too many bloody lesbians, don’t get them started on homosexuals.
    Too many lesbian green teachers
    All teachers are socialists
    Section 59 is possibly more evil than the Devil himself
    God is almighty
    Leave everyone alone to get on with life, DO NOT mention the bloody Nanny State
    Helen Clark is possibly as evil as Stalin or Mao
    MMP only leads to homos, lezzers, tree huggers, commies and Maoris running amock in the house.
    Bring back FPP
    The media is a great left wing conspiracy machine
    Do not, repeat do not use any Maori words, and if you do, make sure you deliberately mispronounce it, just to piss off the Male Primary School Communist Tree Hugging Gay teachers

Then after hitting on anyone of that list, let the callers, txt and email messages flood in about how the country has gone to hell in a hand cart, listen to all manner of stereotypical prejudice and lies and let them get away with it. After all we’d hate facts and respect to get in the way of a good bagging.

I seriously wonder how these people got so bloody angry? Mind you if you call up talk back radio bagging someone for this and that and the talk back host doesn’t do a single thing to correct you or even call into question your sources or facts, on national radio, you have been affirmed.

Funny thing is, I am many of the categories above, yet if I was to met one of these buggers in a pub, would they have the courage to say their vile shite to my face, not bloody likely.

Talk radio in New Zealand is a blight on our society. I don’t mind dissenting voices, I don’t care one toss that they may be all right wing white heterosexual folks, they have fears and concerns, but for what ever reason, instead of putting the poor dears to ease, the radio hosts foster and encourage a level of fear and hatred that is well pretty bloody unique to NZ. Listening to talk back in Vancouver (it has a huge white trash population) they aren’t nearly as angry (more reason to be), and a hell of a lot more respectful of others. Mind you, the hosts (right wing) will not allow you to slander and lie your way through a good rant.

I can’t stand the day hosts on News Talk ZB, they do this country one hell of a disservice.


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National Hates People – again.

[Or; The Kids Are Alright]

I have little time for the economic policies of the National Party.

Could someone please explain the fiscal responsibility of borrowing to give tax cuts, which will cause inflationary pressures on interest rates and thus any money they are borrowing to give to you, will be taken by some multinational bank through higher interest rates – yeah that’s intelligent vote buying.

But aside from that, the main reason I really dislike the National Party is their gay abandon at belittling people they don’t like. They go out of their way to stick their noses into what basically isn’t any of their bloody business.

Case in point, national hoodie day. This was a day designed for the youth of NZ, to challenge the stereotypes associated with being young in NZ. And what the hell did national do, did they congratulate the people for taking initiative and turning aspects of NZ youth culture into a positive thing. Don’t be so bloody stupid sunshine, they did the bloody opposite, and who should it come from, none other than the National spokesperson on education – typical.

So right off the bat, we have their education spokesperson having a go a the youth of NZ, this is going to be a bloody long 3 years, not yet in power and they don’t give a stuff about the youth of NZ.

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