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Show me the data

You show me the empirical data that shows that the death penalty or imprisonment without the chance of parole makes the streets safer and/or prevents crime and I’ll consider it.

Otherwise it’s just vindictive justice based on retribution rather than public safety.



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and they perpetuate the fear…

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is going around the country at the moment reinforcing the fears of the converted that NZ is no longer a safe place to live, and that New Zealand is now the land of the criminals.

So much so that they’ve created a whole new web site just to perpetuate these fears and mistrusts in fellow Kiwis. “Escalating violent crime, sexual predators and violent criminals being granted Bail!” is the description for NZ in 2008, a pretty horrid place if you believe these people. It’s just such a shame that the statistics don’t back up their claim.
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